Guangda Jinxiu Shanhe[2017-05-22]

Located in the core area of the picturesque Songshan Lake Administrative Business District, Jinxiu Shanhe Phase III is hugged by the private Luqi Lake, Sandao Lake and Weilan Lake. Overlooking the azu

Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School[2017-05-22]

Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School was founded in September 2010 by the Songshan Lake Administrative Committee with the donation of Vanke Real Estate. With a land area of 40 mu, the School has

Songshan Lake Central Primary School[2017-05-22]

Formerly known as Primary School of Dongguan Middle School—SSL School, Songshan Lake Central Primary School was put under the administration of Songshan Lake Administrative Committee on July 11, 2009.