Dongguan Biotech Industry Development Seminar Held in Songshan Lake

Time:2012-06-08 13:54:12


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  June 8, 2012 saw the grand opening of Dongguan Biotech Industry Development Seminar held in Songshan Lake. Experts, scholars and managers from research institutes, colleges and enterprises across China gathered to discuss the development orientation and paths of breakthrough of Dongguan’s biotech industry and offer suggestions for the development of Dongguan’s biotech industry.

  This seminar was hosted by Dongguan Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by Songshan Lake Administrative Committee and chaired by Liu Ning, executive deputy director of Songshan Lake Administrative Committee. In this speech delivered at the seminar, Deputy Mayor Cheng Hongbo revealed that Dongguan attaches great importance to the development of biotech industry, takes biopharmaceuticals as one of the major breakthroughs, and lists biotech industry into the 12th Five-year Plan of Dongguan. He further expressed his hope that the attendees could support the development of Dongguan and offer their suggestions for the development of Dongguan’s biotech industry.

  Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs joining this seminar are all outstanding figures in the Chinese biotech industry. Attending the seminar were experts and professors like CAS academician Zeng Yi, CAE academician Zhong Shizhen, Director Li Qing of Development Center for Medical Science and Technology of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, President Wang Yingjun and Vice President Zhang Xichun of the South China University of Technology, Director Yu Shanjiang of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Department, Biotech Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dean Huang Min of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University, and entrepreneurs like General Ren Jun and CSO Yin Jun of Newsummit Biopharma, Chairman Wang Jinshan of Jinshan Science & Technology Group, Assistant Dean Jin Dawei of BGI, and Dean Tang Xinfa of HEC Pharm Research Institute. The topic of Dongguan-Taiwan Biotech Industry Cooperation Base aroused echoes in the seminar. As the pioneer of industry transformation and upgrade in Dongguan, Songshan Lake High-tech has strategically focused on the development of biotech industry in recent years. Since the establishment of Songshan Lake Taiwan High-tech Park in particular, strengthening the cooperation with Taiwan biotech industry has become an important link in Dongguan and Taiwan cooperation. At the seminar, the experts, scholars and entrepreneurs analyzed the development conditions of domestic and international biotech industry and development opportunities of Dongguan, and aired their viewpoints and suggestions on the positioning and development of Dongguan’s biotech industry. Constructive opinions had been formed: firstly, the government should issue appealing policies to create a talent-drawing environment; secondly, great importance should be attached to the biotech industry and all forces in the city gathered for priority projects; lastly, the medical equipment industry should be integrated with the electronics information and manufacturing industry to form special features.

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