Medical Equipment Industry Rises in Dongguan

Time:2017-01-18 09:35:11


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  Recently Shenzhen Anke High-tech Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Songshan Lake (Biopark), planning to invest RMB 440 million in the construction of Anke High-end Medical Imaging Equipment Park. It marks another major medical equipment manufacturer taking root in Songshan Lake.

  Amid the rapid development of the Chinese medical equipment industry over the past two years, a batch of Shenzhen enterprises have gradually transferred to Dongguan and a number of innovative enterprises emerging in Dongguan. The clustering effect has started to show in Songshan Lake High-tech Zone, and the presence of medical equipment industry in Dongguan has been quietly formed.

  Industry Clustering Effect Starts to Show

  Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and medical service are known as the troika of the medical industry. Now the medical equipment industry is embracing a rarely seen stage of intensive policy issuance. The Chinese medical equipment industry realized the sales revenue of RMB 226.8 billion in 2015 with a year-on-year increase of 6.18%. By 2021, the total output value of the Chinese medical equipment industry would have approached RMB 50 billion.

  All the signs indicate that the Chinese medical equipment industry, the high-end medical equipment segment in particular, has been accelerating its localization process since 2016. Under such circumstance, a number of innovative enterprises emerge in Dongguan and a batch of bio-pharmaceuticals enterprises from Shenzhen transfer here. With the growth and expansion of these enterprises, the presence of medical equipment industry in Dongguan has been quietly formed.

  Gaining increasing popularity over the past few years, the medical equipment industry is expected to become the next key industry of Dongguan. In addition to the listed company Starway Bio-technology, such medical equipment enterprises as Uniten Biotechnology, Launca Medical and Spaco Accelerator have taken root in the city.

  A bio-pharmaceuticals company registered in Songshan Lake, Uniten Biotechnology launched a GHb detecting system in 2015, filling the gaps of the Chinese market. Last year, Uniten Biotechnology released the upgraded version Full-auto GHb detecting system which has been well-received in the market again.

  Chairman Lai Hua revealed that Uniten Biotechnology has relied on its core technology to seize the shares of the diabetes detection market and it s hopefully growing into a global leading brand in this segment.

  Establishing the Cross-Straits Biotech Industry Cooperation Base in 2012, Dongguan has started to strategically nurture its bioindustry ever since. Over the past few years, Songshan Lake has gathered a large number of biotech enterprises and clustering effect in medical equipment has started to show.

  Explore the Path of Precision Medicine

  Although the Chinese high-end medical equipment market has entered a development stage, industry insiders point out that core technologies and services remain the pain spots for corporate development. While developing hardware products, therefore, some enterprises have been actively expanding other services and exploring the path of precision medicine.

  After gaining a firm foothold in diabetes detection, Uniten Biotechnology will continue to explore detection technologies of other chronic diseases.  We will set foot in chronic diseases like hypertension, and develop a product series by then.

  In addition to the diagnosis of chronic diseases, Uniten Biotechnology will step into the diagnosis, medication and treatment of complications of these diseases, and explore the commercialization path of precision medicine.  Our equipment and reagents can accurately reveal the focus of infection, based on which the doctors can give precise medication and treatment,  Lai Hua introduced.

  Also located in Songshan Lake, Bosh Bio is exploring its own path of personalized and precision medicine through its proprietary magnetic-sensing immunity analyzer. According to Founder Shi Xizeng, personalization has become a trend of domestic and international medicine, and Bosh Bio hopes to break through in vitro diagnosis.  Our analyzer can give the patients more effective diagnosis and allow the doctors to treat the patients based on their conditions.

  Another trend of medical equipment is the integration of Internet and big data. Some Dongguan-based enterprises have made their attempts in this field. After hardware improvement, they hope to build an Internet big data platform to provide extended services for users.

  Now medical equipment enterprises in Dongguan are probing the path of collaborative development. As the first president of the newly established Dongguan Medical Equipment Association, Chairman Lai Hua of Uniten Biotechnology revealed that medical equipment enterprises in Dongguan would realize collaborative development and jointly establish an industry development platform after the establishment of the Association. In the future, the Association will draw more private capital to the medical equipment industry in the city.

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