Deepen Cooperation and Expand Biotech Industry of Dongguan

Time:2016-11-10 12:05:19


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  On November 9, Secretary Lv Yesheng of CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee met with Taiwan Biotech Enterprise Delegation headed by Xuan Mingzhi, adviser to Guangdong Provincial People s Government. In-depth exchanges were made in deepening cooperation of Guanrong Program and strengthening biotech industrial connection.

  Liang Weidong, deputy secretary of CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee and mayor of Dongguan, warmly received the delegation. Joining the meeting were also Deputy Mayor Yang Xiaotang, Yin Huanming, secretary of Songshan Lake (Biopark) Party Working Committee and director of Songshan Lake (Biopark) Administrative Committee, Song Tao, adviser to Dongguan Municipal People s Government.

  At the meeting, Xuan Mingzhi gave an introduction to the status quo of Guanrong Program. Entrusted by Dongguan to the team led by Xuan Mingzhi, Guanrong Program was intended to build a specialized platform to draw quality biotech companies from Taiwan and other areas to Dongguan and ultimately form a globally leading innovative biotech industry cluster. It s planned that 20 enterprises are to be introduced to Songshan Lake preliminarily.

  With the strong support of CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee and Dongguan Municipal People s Government, Xuan Mingzhi revealed that Guanrong Program has been steadily advanced. By far, 5 enterprises have joined Guanrong Program and another 2 enterprises have decided to enter Songshan Lake soon. He hoped that Dongguan could render more assistance and support in terms of helping enterprises expand their sales channels in Mainland China and promoting the entry of quality enterprises into Sonshan Lake.

  While extending his warm welcome to Xuan Mingzhi s delegation, Secretary Lv Yesheng expressed his gratitude to him and his team for their efforts in promoting and publicizing Dongguan s investment environment. He pointed out that the steady development and optimized structure of Dongguan s economy is indispensible from the endeavor of Taiwan-invested enterprises. After years of development, Donguan s biotech industry has laid a solid foundation. He hoped that more quality enterprises could be introduced into Dongguan, productivity and R&D strengths transferred here to expand the biotech industry.

  Secretary Lv Yesheng further revealed that Dongguan has attached great importance to the development of biotech industry strategically, and will further deepen cooperation with Taiwan-invested enterprises, provide quality services, create a better business environment, so that more enterprises can take root and blossom in Dongguan.

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