Two Cutting-edge Biotech Service Platforms Established in Songshan Lake

Time:2013-11-15 13:50:22


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  On November 14, Dongguan Songshan Lake-California Biotech Industry Cooperation Forum was held in Songshan Lake Academic Exchange Center. Part of the China (Dongguan) International Science and Technology Cooperation Week, the Forum saw Dr. Zeng Wenqi and Zhu Jianxiong s team from SABPA San Diego signing a cooperation agreement with Dongguan City Biotech Industry Development Co., Ltd. Both parties will work together to build two biotech service platforms to support the development of biotech industry in Dongguan.

  With years of experience in biotech development and industrialization, both Zeng Wenqi and Zhu Jianxiong are influential figures in the industry. Their respective team will establish a joint venture with Dongguan City Biotech Industry Development Co., Ltd. to construct a third party molecular diagnosis platform and an integrated service platform of analysis, testing service and formula-based product development. These two platforms are expected to grow into world-class public service platforms to service the enterprises in Dongguan and the Pearl River Delta, and draw more biotech enterprises to Songshan Lake.

  Song Tao, adviser to Dongguan Municipal People s Government and chairman of Dongguan City Biotech Industry Development Co., Ltd., revealed that a new cooperation model was adopted. Dongguan Biotech will contribute partial funds and the site, and the entry team will contribute partial self-owned funds for joint preliminary development. When the platform gets on the right track in Songshan Lake, the entry team will acquire all of Dongguan Biotech s shares. This cooperation model allows the quick implementation and sound operation of the project, and reduces operating risks.

  Song Tao further pointed out that Dongguan Biotech is a solely state-owned enterprise approved and invested by Dongguan Municipal People s Government for advancement of investment attraction and carrier construction of the Cross-Straits Biotech Industry Cooperation Base. Since the beginning of this year, 39 related projects have been introduced into Songshan Lake. As one of the most influential associations in southern California, SABPA gathers 3,000 elites in the biotech industry and offers huge room for deeper cooperation with Dongguan.

  At the signing ceremony, SABPA presented the Excellent Leadership Contribution Award to Song Tao for his contribution in facilitating the biotech communication and cooperation between SABPA and Songshan Lake.

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