Dongguan Established Biotechnology Industry Association

Time:2014-03-11 13:49:53


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  The Preparatory and Election Conference of Dongguan Biotechnology Industry Association was held in Songshan Lake on March 7. At the conference, the Articles of Association and Methods of Election were passed. Members and presidents of the Council and Board of Supervisors were elected. Song Tao, adviser to Dongguan Municipal People s Government and chairman of Dongguan City Biotech Industry Development Co., Ltd., was elected as the first president. It s understood that all matters in relation to this conference will be submitted to the Dongguan Social Organization Administration for review. The Association can be registered after approval.

  A thorough survey of the biotech industry in the city reveals that we have 170 related enterprises. And we urgently need to gather the forces and expand with the growing global biotech industry,  Song Tao said. Directed by the Food and Drug Administration of Dongguan, Dongguan Economy & Information Technology Bureau, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, and Songshan Lake Administrative Committee, the preparatory team was built in the end of 2012 to unfold preparatory work.

  The Association was initiated by 8 industry-known enterprises, including Zhongsheng Pharmacy, Huanan Pharmacy and Dongguan Asia Pharmaceutical. The first 50 members of the Association, including Dongguan City Biotech Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Starway Bio-technology, are expected to lay a solid foundation for future industry development promotion, cooperation platform building and industry clustering.

  Recently we will have another 10 biotech enterprises establishing their business in Songshan Lake,  Song Tao added.

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