The team received a financial subsidy of 135 million yuan

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  The fourth batch of guangdong province introduced innovative research teams into the project

  The team received a financial subsidy of 135 million yuan

  In the canteen of songshan lake innovation and science park, a few blond-haired foreigners can be seen in the dining room. This is a group of scientists from Spain, and a core member of the "single-crystal sapphire fibre machine enhanced composite innovation team" introduced by the dongguan innovation center at tsinghua university.

  Recently, reporters learned from the municipal technology bureau, the fourth batch of guangdong province to introduce innovative research team included in the list and grants announced recently, seven teams selected from dongguan, the number of row third in the province. They have teams from both domestic and international teams from Spain. They will receive a total of 135 million yuan in provincial financial subsidies, as well as a matching subsidy from dongguan.

  Dongguan was the third in the whole province

  Guangdong province has entered the fourth batch of innovation research team since its launch in 2009. Recently, the list of the names and the amount of funding are officially announced. Of the 33 projects in the province, seven of them are from dongguan, which will receive a total of 135 million yuan in provincial financial subsidies. In addition to the provincial financial subsidies, the seven projects will also receive a matching subsidy of 1:0.5 or 1:1 from dongguan, the municipal science and technology bureau said.

  From the list of selected projects, six of the seven projects are from enterprises, which is a typical combination of scientific research and production. In addition, set up in less than a year of shenzhen qinghua university institute dongguan innovation center is introduced into the Spanish "machine single crystal sapphire fiber reinforced composites innovation team", will receive provincial fiscal funding of $20 million.

  The imported innovative research team can receive subsidies ranging from 10 million yuan to 30 million yuan. Subsidies of specific distribution way is: introduce the team in place for the first time to issue 30% after formally, the remaining 70% from 3 years to pay year by year, according to the plan of project after the end of each year inspection, the first quarter of next year.

  In 5 years, 21 innovative research teams have been introduced

  Since the selection start in 2009, the province introduced 91 innovation research team, including 21 of imported from dongguan team, team project involving medical, semiconductor, cloud computing, Internet of things, the civilian nuclear technology, new materials, new energy, advanced manufacturing, and other areas of the emerging industries.

  According to the preliminary statistics, the 14 teams in dongguan have applied for 290 patents and 62 authorized patents. Published 134 papers, including 84 SCI/EI. Research and development of new equipment new products 9 items, clinical batches of 1. The team and employers have undertaken 27 projects of science and technology projects at all levels, with more than 300 million yuan in funding, including 5 national-level projects and 18 provincial and ministerial projects.

  At present, most of the team's r&d work is progressing smoothly, and some teams have completed the research and development of the pilot or prototype of the project, and individual teams have realized the batch production and small-scale sales of the products. Like dongguan dongguang pharmaceutical co., LTD., "hepatitis b innovative drug" passed the phase ii clinical trial, and completed the approval procedure; The LTCC component project of the research team of the university of electronic science and technology has completed the production line and will be produced in batches. The company has realized 2.4 million annual capacity of PPS substrate material, with cumulative sales exceeding 75 million yuan.

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  Silver jubilee accelerated 3D printing layout

  Guangdong Silver Age Sci & Tech Co., Ltd., a listed company in Guangdong province, was listed in the fourth batch of innovation research teams in Guangdong province.

  Silver jubilee technology is a local listed company in dongguan, which is mainly engaged in research and development, production, sales and technical services of modified plastics. It is also the only listed company that produces "laser marking ABS plastic" in China. In may last year, the company announced that it had joined the China 3D printing industry alliance and will attend the world 3D printing conference at the end of the month. The company's laser mark ABS plastic has been in a small batch production stage, according to the company's investor platform. On the day of the announcement, the company's stock price soared in the afternoon.

  The introduced by the jubilee technology "3 d printing polymer composite materials research and development and industrialization of the innovation team", leading to domestic renowned huazhong university of science and technology of 3 d printing field yu-sheng shi, vice President of the institute of materials science and engineering. Predictably, the silver jubilee stock market performance is a boon.

  Fourth batch of guangdong province to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship team funding project (dongguan)

  Name of the company name of the leader of the team name (RMB 10,000)

  High performance lithium ion power battery research and development and industrialization of innovation team QuDeYang dongguan maike technology Co., Ltd. 300023 d printing polymer composite materials research and development and industrialization of innovation team yu-sheng shi Guangdong Silver Age Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. 25003 effective nitrogen-fixing microbes product research and development and industrialization of scientific research innovation team Lin keeping a biological engineering Co., Ltd., dongguan city, 20004 single crystal sapphire fiber and its composites innovation team VICTOR VALCARCEL

  Dongguan institute of tsinghua university in shenzhen innovation center 20005 fiber wide-area monitoring equipment research and development and industrialization of innovation team jeypore after Ann technology development co., LTD. Guangdong 10006 internationalization and industrialization of team innovation preparations Zheng Yuqun guangdong east sunshine pharmaceutical co., LTD. 10007 high-power solar energy research and development of temperature in the boiler and industrial innovation team jeffwang guangdong five-star solar co., LTD., 1000

  Innovation teams create a talent pool effect

  Recently, the Israel institute of technology, materials science and Engineering department Wayne Kaplan (Wayne) Kaplan, in the center of dongguan institute of technology conference hall held a farmer lecture titled "Interface Engineering Interface project", introduces the composite Interface Engineering international latest research results. There were more than 400 seats, and the atmosphere was warm.

  The Israeli scientist is the lead scientist of innovative research teams just introduced by the dongguan innovation center at tsinghua university.

  According to the province related requirements, the introduction of talents must enter into work contracts with the employer. Among them, members of the domestic innovation research team should transfer personnel relations and archives to the employer and work full-time in the unit. Members of the overseas innovation research team shall ensure that at least six months of each year are spent in the employer's work. With the introduction of innovative research team, a large number of international and first-class scientific research personnel will be stationed in dongguan.

  "These high-level talent in dongguan, will not only play a key role of related industry development, also to the whole city talent level, innovation awareness and international outlook ascension cannot be underestimated, promote the role." In the interview, a director of the dongguan innovation center of tsinghua university told reporters.

  According to the municipal technology bureau, with four batch of scientific research team successively introduced, member of the dongguan were introduced at home and abroad, the "one thousand plan" list, tenured professor overseas first-class academic leaders of 21, 134 high-level team members, which have beautiful title, 88, with PhD degree in 122.

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