Report IV of Serial Reports of Songshan Lake High-level Talents: Develop New Anti-cancer Drug and Build a Pharmaceutical Empireuild a Pharmaceutical Empire

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  Leading Talent Yong Zhiquan Pushed forward the Joint NEEQ Listing of Dongguan DS and its Subsidiary, Annual Sales Expected to Reach RMB 1 Billion after the Launch of New Anti-cancer Drug

  Recent years have seen Songshan Lake High-tech Zone vigorously promoting the cluster-based development of biopharmaceutical industry. The hidden enormous energy may be shockingly unleashed soon. Yong Zhiquan, Leading Entrepreneurial Talent of Dongguan City, has been quietly developing a globally leading type one anti-cancer drug named DX1002 here.

  Various experimental data indicates that DX1002 is the most effective anti-cancer drug with minimal toxic and side effect by far. It s considered more effective than the currently most effective CA4P from the U.S. on the market,  Yong Zhiquan said. Now under pre-clinical researches, this drug will have the annual sales of RMB 1 billion once it s released domestically, and help DS become a pharmaceutical empire headquartered in Songshan Lake.

  A pharmaceutical hermit is proficient in every link of the pharmaceutical chain. Different from generic drugs, it s a decade-long journey for the development of new drugs. Many are deterred by such a long process called  cultivation  by Yong Zhiquan. With spiritual and financial support, one will probably give up halfway.

  It s understood that Yong Zhiquan has started to direct the development of major new drug projects as he studies for his doctoral degree in the West China School of Pharmacy Sichuan University. He previously worked as director of Drug Synthesis Office of PKU Healthcare, director of Polypeptide Synthesis Office of Diao Pharmaceuticals, and chemical drug research director of Uni-Bio Science.

  Soon afterwards he started his own business and established Guangzhou DS Biotech Co., Ltd. In 2010, he further founded a wholly-owned company in Songshan Lake Dongguan DS Biotech Co., Ltd. ( Dongguan DS ), working as deputy general manager and chief technical officer. DX1002 is a key project whose research he has been directing for years.

  In recent years, industrialized projects of Yong Zhiquan include ciprofloxacin HCL, ciprofloxacin lactate, sultancillin sulfonic acid, troxipide, modafinil, and raloxifene HCl. Multiple Type I and Type III new drug projects have been under clinical trials. By far, 32 patents for invention have been applied, 7 of which have been awarded patents for invention and 22 of which are under approval.

  Already developed for 8 consecutive years, DX1002 may be released to the market in 5 or 6 years at the soonest. Things are moving ahead as planned for Yong Zhiquan. He revealed that Songshan Lake provides pharmaceuticals enterprises a beautiful environment suitable for closed research and development. The upstream and downstream enterprises and thoughtful government services have helped dispel the worries of enterprises.  It s a place that quiets the restless heart and gives one confidence,  He said.

  Led by Yong Zhiquan, Dongguan DS is now staffed with 140 employees, including 3 doctor s degree holders, 20 Master s degree holders and intermediate and above technicians. The research team has 30 members and the sales team 40 members. Many of the key technicians have directed the research projects of national Type I new drugs and national key research projects, and accumulated over 20 years of experience in the business.

  The Technical Navigator World s Most Leading Anti-cancer Drug to be Put into Clinical Trial

  What s the mysterious DX1002? According to Yong Zhiquan, it s an alternative innovative drug featuring tumor vessel targeted destruction with the tubulin of tumor-derived vascular endothelial cells being the target spot, and active group of CA4P being the leading structure, and applying such innovative drug technologies as isostere, computer simulation design and high throughput screening. This highly selective oral drug with low side effect can be used to treat solid malignant tumors found in lung cancer, liver cancer and ovarian cancer.

  It s understood that the best drug to treat the above-mentioned cancer is CA4P developed by OXiGENE. Multiple indications have been put into the later stage of Phase III abroad. However, CA4P is difficult to prepare, store or use, and has evident side effect on the heart. Not effective if taken orally, it can only be used through intravenous drip.

  The reason DX1002 considered the most effective anti-cancer drug with minimal toxic and side effect by far is that we have improved on account of the defects of the best available drug CA4P, and results have been made,  Yong Zhiquan revealed. Current experimental data reveals that DX1002 has half of the acute toxicity and lower long-term toxicity in comparison to CA4P, and thus it s several times safer clinically than CA4P.

  Furthermore, DX1002 has more destructive to tumor vessels than CA4P, which is evidently statistically significant; it demonstrates an obvious difference from heart distribution; well absorbed when taken orally, it s easy to use clinically; with a stable compound structure, it s easy to produce and storable over a long period of time.

  Yong Zhiquan further pointed out that patients no long needed to wait for injection of this drug in the hospital and could take it orally at home. Taking 1 to 2 tablets a week, patients can pay much lower expenses than international anti-cancer drugs.

  DX1002 has been awarded with two national patents for invention and certified by PCT. As required by the Drug Registration Administrative Measures and Guidance Principles of SFDA, DX1002 will comprehensively complete the pharmaceutical and animal experiment safety assessments (acute toxicity, long-term toxicity, special toxicity and hereditary toxicity), pharmacodynamic test before application of clinical approval. They will strive to obtain the acceptance notice of clinical approval application at the end of this year, and acquire the clinical approval at the end of next year.

  To push forward Project DX1002 smoothly, Dongguan DS has started comprehensive cooperation with domestically authoritative institutions like Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Shanghai Institute of Materia Madica, Chinese Academy of sciences, West China School of Pharmacy Sichuan University and China Pharmaceutical University, and unfolded in-depth cooperation with DAAN Gene and The South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals, Yong Zhiquan introduced.

  The Business Innovator Builds a New Pharmaceutical Empire based on Songshan Lake

  I contacted Yong Zhiquan several times for an interview, but he was in Sichuan busy with acquisitions and new factory construction for a new round of business expansion. According to his plan, a headquarters base consisting of Management Office, Research Base and Sales Center will be gradually built in Songshan Lake, manufacturing bases and sales offices established across China to form a modern pharmaceutical enterprise engaged in the production of new drugs.

  Since 2012, Dongguan DS has successively acquired four pharmaceutical enterprises with a certain scale and leading products Sichuan Yiming Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yiheng Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Sichuan Kezhida Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Haoyun Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. According to Yong Zhiquan, they are now constructing a new manufacturing base in Sichuan expected to be merging the acquired Sichuan enterprises and completed by the end of the year. Through its own technical strengths, Dongguan DS has again improved and upgraded its products. The China-exclusive Canrongzhutian Capsules and brand new Acipimox Capsules are well-received in the market. Several projects are under clinical trials or soon to be put into clinical trials. Therefore, Dongguan DS realized the sales over RMB 50 million last year. The sales are expected to top RMB 100 million this year.

  Researches of Dongguan DS indicate that the mainstream anti-cancer drugs used in China are cytotoxin drugs. In comparison to an annual compound growth rate of 21% of the anti-tumor drug market, the anti-tumor targeted drug market had an annual compound growth rate of 39% from 2007 to 2010, demonstrating huge market potentials.

  The release of DX1002 may start a new development direction of tumor treatment and introduce new theoretical methods and practical approaches for tumor treatment. The global demands of DX1002 are expected to top USD 1 billion,  Yong Zhiquan said. They are now preparing for the joint listing of Dongguan DS and its subsidiary on the NEEQ.

  A review of Dongguan DS reveals a new business path different from headquarters construction first and then external expansion. In accordance with the special policies of pharmaceutical enterprises and its actual conditions, Dongguan DS has completed its external expansion before it establishes a headquarters in Songshan Lake for the development of headquarters economy.

  Yong Zhiquan is a Leading Entrepreneurial Talent of Dongguan City, engaged in the research and development of targeted new anti-cancer drugs in the area of innovative drug research and development and construction of industrialization technical platforms, currently studying for his doctoral degree in the West China School of Pharmacy Sichuan University. Previously working as technical director for Drug Synthesis Office of PKU Healthcare and other institutions and directing the development of national Type I new drugs and other major projects, he has accumulated 20 years of experience in the industry and made remarkable achievements.

  His ongoing Project DX1002 is an alternative innovative drug featuring tumor vessel targeted destruction with the tubulin of tumor-derived vascular endothelial cells being the target spot. With various data better than CA4P, this highly selective oral drug with low side effect is considered the most effective anti-cancer drug with minimal toxic and side effect by far. Estimated to be put into clinical trials in 2016, it has huge market potentials.

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