GNT Signed an Agreement to Enter Songshan Lake and the Clustering Effect of Bioindustry Started to Show

Time:2017-03-20 11:58:34


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On March 16, Gold NanoTech, Inc. (“GNT”) signed an agreement with Dongguan City Biotech Industry Development Co., Ltd. (“Dongguan Biotech”) to join Guanrong Program and open its location in the Songshan Lake-based Cross-Straits Biotech Industry Cooperation Base.

A food manufacturer from Taiwan, GNT has successfully developed series of health products, liquors and cosmetics with leading and proprietary inorganic material micronizing and purifying technologies, and grown into a leader in this segment. Aiming to promote and accelerate the entry of quality biotech companies from Taiwan to Dongguan, Guanrong Program plans to introduce 20 strong, established biotech companies already listed or soon to launch IPO from Taiwan within 3 years to realize instant industrialization.

By far, famous biotech companies from Taiwan like MiiS, Abnova, GeneFerm, Sunmax, Murad Chia Jei and General Biologicals have established their branches in Songshan Lake, speeding up the roll-out of Guanrong Program. As a large number of Taiwan biotech companies make entry into Songshan Lake, the clustering effect of the bioindustry has been forming.

According to Song Tao, adviser to Dongguan Municipal People’s Government and Chairman of Dongguan Biotech, Guanrong Program is an innovative measure of government investment attraction. Under the promotion of Dongguan Biotech and Hukuibio, Guanrong Program has been well received in the market, and now joined by an increasing number of projects over the past two years. The contract-signing cycle has been greatly shortened.

Song Tao further revealed that Songshan Lake and Dongguan Biotech would continue to roll out Guanrong Program, and provide capital, registration and sales support and industry services for the biotech companies to support their expansion and help them multiply their profits as soon as possible.

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