Marketing Manager jobs (medical equipment health products)


▶ Job description

1. Responsible for the daily management of the marketing department:

(1) the development of departmental organizational structure and staffing program, build sales team;

(2) training and assessment department staff, reasonable arrangements for subordinate work;

2. To introduce and evaluate product consignment projects, develop marketing strategies, develop sales plans and targets;

(1) cooperation with the product manufacturers to discuss the project, to be written product consignment project evaluation report and cooperation program;

(2) to develop product marketing strategy, segmentation cycle and regional sales targets;

(3) implementation and implementation of marketing programs, feedback sales results and the development of improvement measures;

3. To develop new markets and develop new customers:

(2) to develop open market solutions, market segments to develop goals, regularly report the market development of end products; (2) the development of market research and development;

(3) the development of new products terminal customers, the establishment of customer database, maintenance of customer relationships;

4. Product agent channel construction and maintenance;

5. Regularly report to the general manager of the overall sales situation, statistics and analysis of sales target achievement rate, put forward improvement measures;

6. To complete the other positions assigned by the higher leadership

▶ Qualifications

1. 30-45 years old, undergraduate education and above, marketing, economics graduate;

2. More than 8 years sales experience, of which more than 3 years of medical equipment or health care products marketing management;

3. Marketing projects that have successfully planned and completed sales targets;

4. Can independently develop the end product marketing strategy, marketing planning program;

5. To train and guide the sales team to carry out product promotion, marketing, sales and other work;

6. Strong communication and communication skills, master the skills of business negotiations;

7. Proficiency in office software.

▶Treatment: Negotiable, the above selected salary range is for reference only, the actual salary according to personal qualification

▶ Location: Songshan Lake Administrative Committee

▶ Recruitment Contact: 0769-22890052

▶ resume delivery:, resume name: job title + name

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