Merchants Assistant (English Excellent)


Merchants Assistant (English Excellent)

▶Job description

1. Assist the department to find biotech companies or investors, organize potential customers or project information;

2. To participate in industrial park promotion and promotion activities to assist the introduction of industrial projects, assessment and other activities;

3. Visiting customers, research key enterprises and research institutions;

4. Regularly communicate with customers on the progress of project introduction and evaluation, and listen to opinions and suggestions;

5. Responsible for internal and external docking communication (including English);

6. Other work assigned by superior leaders.


1. 22-26 years old, bachelor degree or above, medical English or English major, outstanding graduates;

2. Good communication, team spirit; have a certain plan, organization, coordination;

3. Logical analysis ability, work seriously, responsible, there is a sense of confidentiality;

4. Proficiency in office software.

▶ Treatment: Negotiable, the above selected salary range is for reference only, the actual salary according to personal qualification

▶Location: Songshan Lake Administrative Committee

▶Recruitment Contact: 0769-22890052

▶ resume delivery:, resume name: job title + name

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