Industrial Park Investment Manager


▶  Job description

1. Responsible for the investment business of the company's industrial park, assist the general manager to complete the company's strategic objectives and annual objectives;

2. Lead and train the investment team, leading the team to complete the annual investment task indicators;

3. To promote the investment environment and policy of Songshan Lake Biotechnology Industrial Park, to improve the visibility of industrial parks in the industry and to improve the industry competitiveness of industrial parks;

4. To assist qualified enterprises to enter the park successfully;

5. Other work assigned by the leader.

▶  Qualifications

1.35-45 years old, undergraduate education and above, marketing or biopharmaceutical professional graduate;

More than 5 years experience in pharmaceutical business or industrial park investment;

3. Can independently develop the industrial park enterprise investment strategy program, the implementation of programs;

4 in the enterprise investment or investment in the field of resources are better;

5. Strong communication skills, master the skills of business negotiations;

6. Proficiency in office software.

▶  Treatment: Negotiable, the above selected salary range is for reference only, the actual salary according to personal qualification

▶ Location: Songshan Lake Administrative Committee

▶ Recruitment Contact: 0769-22890052

▶ resume delivery:, resume name: job title + name

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