Industrial Park Development Operations Director


▶Job description

1, responsible for the company's industrial park project preliminary evaluation, pre-negotiations, project feasibility study, government approval, investment projects and various cooperation agreement signed and other work;

2, responsible for the industrial park project pre - land consolidation, medium - term project development and construction, post - investment operations, capital operation and other overall operation;

3, responsible for writing the whole planning report, positioning reports, planning recommendations, the implementation of the report;

4, responsible for internal and external departments docking, do the park development project publicity, promotion, follow-up and other implementation work;

5, responsible for the development and improvement of the park operating system organizational structure, the development of management systems and business processes and internal team building;

6, responsible for the local government departments, the media, the community - related public relations coordination and maintenance, to protect the industrial park a good external operating environment;

7, followed by national and regional industry policies and regulations issued, and information analysis and research; grasp the customer demand trends and market trends, and develop the corresponding park development strategy;

8, other related work related to higher-level leadership arrangements.

▶ Qualifications

1,35-45 years old, full-time undergraduate education and above, construction, economics, finance, investment and other related professional;

2, more than 10 years of industrial real estate industry work experience, biotechnology industry park work experience is preferred; proficient in industrial park development operation and management, mode of operation;

3, on the industry's technology, marketing, budget costs, investment and risk control comprehensive proficiency, and has more than 5 years of rich experience in large-scale project practice;

4, has a wealth of industrial real estate project development and management experience, the project pre - feasibility study, product positioning, planning and design, project management, cost control, planning and promotion links and other aspects of a wealth of practical experience;

5, with excellent communication and coordination ability, logical analysis ability, research and analysis ability and project management ability;

6, with a wealth of business negotiation skills, strong adaptability, the market has a keen insight into the ability to analyze the project screening capacity and development of the overall organization capacity;

7, with strong writing skills, written and on-site reporting capabilities, can be more skilled preparation of business plans, investment value analysis report.

Job Category: Director / Department Manager Keyword: Industrial Park Development Biotechnology Government Project

▶ Treatment: Negotiable, the above selected salary range is for reference only, the actual salary according to personal qualification

▶ Location: Songshan Lake Administrative Committee

▶ Recruitment Contact: 0769-22890052

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