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  Leading Talent Shi Xizeng has been engaged in proprietary IVD project since two years ago and made new technical breakthroughs in IVD.

  Over years of technical development, Bosh Bio has made major breakthroughs globally in fast high-sensitivity full-auto in vitro testers and become a leader in the field.

  Bosh Bio is led by Shi Xizeng, Leading Entrepreneurial Talent of Dongguan City and an authentic overseas returnee entrepreneur. In 2012, the entrepreneurial program of Shi Xizeng was established in Songshan Lake. Over the past two years, major progress of industrialization has been made. Soon to be put into clinical trial, it s expected to generate handsome economic benefits next year.

  On June 11, President Shi Xizeng was seen wearing a causal outfit in Bosh Bio. He talked about the story of starting his business in Songshan Lake a few years ago.

  Like many entrepreneurs in Songshan Lake, Shi Xizeng is a typical overseas returnee. In 1990, he went to the U.S. for further study. After obtaining his doctoral degree, he worked in the U.S. for a long period of time, serving as manager of Headway Technologies in charge of product development and after-sales technical service. In 1997, he joined Read-Rite and worked as director of Technical Development Department, a department engaged in the development of advanced magnetic recording technology. During his three-year-and-a-half service period, the research achievements of the department set a new record of IBM for five times.

  In 2003, Shi Xizeng raised USD 3 million and started his own business. He founded a company in Silicon Valley and developed MRAM products. In 2007, TDK acquired his company at a price of USD 28 million and built a new company to manufacture MRAM chips.

  To expand the product category, Shi Xizeng decided to tap the technical potential of MRAM by developing medical detection products. Later he built a multi-field biotech team capable of close cooperation. After a few years of collaborative research and development, the whole set of technology was ready for industrialization.

  Subsequently Shi Xizeng started to hunt for a proper location for project industrialization. After several inspection trips, he decided to incubate the project in Songshan Lake. In 2012, he joined hands with a Shenzhen enterprise to start Bosh Bio, committed to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of in vitro diagnosis equipment and reagents.

  When asked the reason why he chose Songshan Lake, Shi Xizeng said,  After my inspection trips, I found that Songshan Lake High-tech Zone offers a good entrepreneurial environment and supporting policies. Furthermore, the high-tech enterprises of Dongguan have a great appeal to talents. So we decided to start the business here.

  Shi Xizeng further revealed another important reason of establishing the business in Songshan Lake,  We primarily develop biological equipment and need upstream and downstream supporting industries. The complete electronics processing and equipment manufacturing industry chain of Dongguan can perfectly support the research and development and production of high-tech enterprises.  Made in Dongguan products can be seen in the workshops of Bosh Bio. There is one full-auto assembling machine designed by Bosh Bio and manufactured by another enterprise.

  Bosh Bio is now focused on the development of fast high-sensitivity full-auto in vitro testers. Led by Shi Xizeng, I toured around this high-tech enterprise. According to Shi Xizeng, they have invested RMB 30 million in research and development, and finally made technical breakthroughs. All workshops of Bosh Bio have been completed now. Among the 1,000 square meters of modern GMP workshops, about 400 square meters are Class 100,000 clean rooms (The particles >=0.5 m in each cubic meter are 100,000). Moreover, Reagent R&D Room, Equipment R&D Room and Quality Laboratory are designed. Advanced R&D and production equipment and instruments have been equipped.

  Within the Bosh Bio Laboratory, several doctors were busy conducting product performance tests. There were several full-auto in vitro testers in the Laboratory. Jointly developed with the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS, and Institute of Microelectronics Tsinghua University, it s a new immunity detection platform based on magnetic signal identification. Combining magnetic technology, microelectronics technology, biotechnology and microfluid technology, it s internationally advanced from a technical point of view.

  To be used with the machine is another leading product of Bosh Bio a small test card. This first generation product is mainly used for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. According to Shi Xizeng, it s easy to operate. The blood of the patient is dripped onto the test card which is then inserted into the full-auto tester. The test card is withdrawn after 10 to 15 minutes and the doctor can receive a diagnosis report.

  Experts of the CAS believe that the magnetic-sensing in vitro immunity diagnosis system developed by Bosh Bio offers such strengths as high-sensitivity, multi-targeting, strong antijamming capability and stability in comparison to the conventional immunity detection methods based on fluorescent markers.

  As for the reason to achieve an internationally leading level technically, Shi Xizeng replied,  We have a world-class team proficient in resource integration. We have integrated the advantageous resources from China, U.S. and Japan in machinery, electronics and medical treatment.

  High-level technical talents are the most important motivation for the research and development of Bosh Bio. The major members of Bosh Bio s R&D team are doctoral and Master s degree holders with decades of research and development experience at home and abroad. Directing major cross-company and transnational R&D projects, they are well-famous experts or leading talents in respective fields. Therefore, it s a technically strong team with entrepreneurial experience.

  Diversified Promising Products Soon to be Put into Clinical Trials

  With mature technologies, Shi Xizeng and Bosh Bio now need to realize project industrialization. Shi Xizeng revealed that Bosh Bio had established partnerships with three Grade A Class III hospitals in Shenzhen. The tester and test card developed and manufactured by Bosh Bio will be soon be put into clinical trials.

  In vitro diagnosis (IVD) is a field yet to be widely known in comparison to the traditional pharmaceutical industry. Referred to as the  eyes  of the doctor, it s becoming a force not to be taken lightly in the pharmaceutical industry. Against the price reduction of pharmaceuticals, IVD is a haven of policies with huge room for stable growth. Bosh Bio is now collaborating with a listed enterprise with resource integration strengths in IVD. Therefore, Bosh Bio is expected to share the industry growth.

  In product R&D, Bosh Bio has never stopped. The first product developed by Bosh Bio is only applicable to the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. Subsequently, Bosh Bio will launch test cards for diagnosis of heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, tumors and acute infectious diseases, and form a product line that establishes its dominant position in the industry.

  Shi Xizeng added,  In the future, the test cards we develop will be able to test a dozen of diseases, much better than the similar overseas products that can test three or four diseases at most.  To grab the market share, Bosh Bio is accelerating its development of handheld testers for domestic use so that people can use them at home.

  In terms of market layout, Shi Xizeng plans to release the products to the Chinese market first and then to the North American market when the time ripe.  In comparison to overseas products, our products are superior in technology and in price, and will surely be well received in the market.

  According to Shi Xizeng s plan, the project is expected to realize the output value of RMB 10 billion next year after industrialization, and generate the output value of RMB 50 million by 2016.  Our goal is to go listing within 3 to 4 years as the Company develops and expands,  Shi Xizeng revealed.


  Engaged in the development of high-sensitivity full-auto in vitro testers

  Leading Entrepreneurial Talent of Dongguan City

  Shi Xizeng, doctor of magnetic recording technology from Carnegie Mellon University, is Leading Entrepreneurial Talent of Dongguan City and chairman of Bosh Bio. He worked as a manager in charge of product development and after-sales technical service in Headway Technologies from 1995 to 1997. Joining Read-Rite in 1997, he worked as director of Technical Development Department, a department engaged in the development of advanced magnetic recording technology.

  In 2003, Shi Xizeng founded Applied Spintronics in Silicon Valley to develop MRAM products. In 2007, he built a multi-field biotech team. Thanks to close collaboration over three years and a half, the team successfully developed model machines with world-class performance.

  In 2012, he brought the project to Songshan Lake and established Bosh Bio, committed to the development of fast high-sensitivity full-auto in vitro testers.

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